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Adapting to user tendency
With the explosion of mobile devices, the number of smartphone users is increasing rapidly. Have 50% of users access to the world of internet by mobile devices. In Vietnam in particular, according to estimated this number is more than 30% and increasingly more and more per year. In general, users accessing the internet from mobile devices are popular with their internet needs.
Save a great deal of developing cost
Not long ago, the developers need to build at least two interfaces for only one website: one for PC display and one for mobile display. Or even have to build up a mobile application and it makes overburdened with work and waste costs. By virtue of building on different screens interface, the data display uncertain that have been synchronized.
Responsive Web Design is based on the principle that is multi-interface sources data, bring the good compatibility of display on more devices. Although we could not estimate the device screen size, it is possible working well with Responsive Web Design. Accordingly, it lightens our workload and saves a great deal of cost.
Convenient for SEO and increasing rank on Google
Since 2015, the website that is built with Responsive Web Design will be had high rank priority on Google Search. This transformation is created with expecting toward the comfortable user with the result of searching are clearly. If the website is not adaptable friendly with mobile device, ranking could be significantly reduced. In other words, ranking will reprocessing after improving performance for interface with Responsive Web Design.
So, you understand what is Responsive Web Design and the benefit that it brings for your brand and design. Responsive Web Design plays an integral part and almost required when you want to build-up your own brand and website. Gain the knowledge and skill of Responsive Web Design, it means that obtaining a globally popular trend and accessing to a new age of technology. Although Responsive Web Design might not be the last answer for the solution of smartphone design, however in the present time, this is an essential key of user experience for multi-platform and multi-devices.
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24 July 2019

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