SSS Market

SSS Market: Secondhand Fashion social network


Shopping always gives you wonderful moments. However, a closet full of items that are no longer suitable for your style is really a big concern.

SSS Market which is a community for buying and selling secondhand products has been launched in 2020. This is a mobile application based on the fashion platform to share and refresh your wardrobe . Buy much and sell fast, bring you to the most fashion experience.

Main features

01. Take pictures/ Make videos for sale

You can easily post your pictures/ videos on your profile for sale.

02. Image search

AI technology helps you search items quickly by taking or selecting
available photos from the library.

03. Swipte to see

Keep swiping up-down, left-right to find the suitable and trendy styles.

04. Chat to buy

chat to connect sellers directly and buy products efficiently.

05. Purchase

Add your items to cart and make orders with a few basic steps.

06. Review

 Review products and shops simply with an “anonymous reviewer” feature
after purchasing.

Project challenge

Using a powerful system and optimal algorithm to load up data if so many users are using applications simultaneously.


Completing applications on schedule when customer demand keeps changing constantly.


Available on both Android and IOS.


Project solutions

The DEV team creates some test cases to ensure the deadline of launching applications.


Enhance testing quality to avoid system errors and maintenance time.


Connect frequently to customers to keep the process on the right track and suggest necessary options to avoid changing due to lack of logical reason.


Our application is now available on Android and IOS platforms. Let’s enjoy a great fashion experience with SSS Market.

SSS Market: Fashion social network Secondhand

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