Project MES (Manufacturing Execution System)


Is a production execution system for MES (Manufacturing Execution System). It’s a solution that can handle real-time monitoring, job history, track management, errors, quality management, etc. and can be designed for work environments through customization.


  1. System management
  2. Standard information
  3. Business management  
  4. Production management 
  5. Purchase manager
  6. Quality management
  7. Product management
  8. Materials management
  9. A / S management
  10. Tracking management

The system has a lot of features, so we will introduce a fairly important feature of the system is Business Management. With this feature, when you manage the business will manage all the information related to the item or product. Business management process will include 6 main phases:

  1. Price management
  2. Manage receive orders
  3. Recharge management
  4. Delivery management
  5. Export report
  6. Delivery history

With the above features, your system is completely implemented in an optimal, secure and convenient way. The system saves a lot of labor costs, production time and goods management according to the order of warehousing or dispatch.



  1. Programming language: Java
  2. Framework: Spring
  3. Database Management System: My SQL
  4. Version control system: GitLab

Invest in the Right Tools

  1. Application to participate: Skype, Google Meet
  2. Tasks and project management: Trello, Excel
  3. Group communication:  Slack
  4. Shared documents: GoogleDrive

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