Project Future Skills

       This era is when the internet is being popularized to all subjects. For industries such as business, trading, consulting … The integration of internet into education is indispensable. It helps us a lot. That is why Future Skills was built and developed.

       Future Skills – A web app system to support the interaction of school activities, teachers and students. Website “Future Skills” is designed to support young people who are apprenticeship or are looking for a direction for an independent, stable life with a suitable career. Helping the management of schools, teachers, students, staff and sponsors be more efficient and convenient. With a simple interface, easy to use and full of necessary information.

The website includes the following contents: 

  1. Provides information and references to the Skills Building in Life model: Vocational Skills, Life Skills and Preparatory Skills.
  2. The content about Psychosocial – social that you are interested in, along with useful materials and games related to goals of independent living in the Library – entertainment section
  3. When you need help in other areas, please refer to the Delivery – Emergency Assistance section.
  4. Other references to Skill Building in Life.



This app is intended for young people working on the project, your case teachers/managers and program sponsors.

Website management for admin;

– Web app teacher;

– Web app students;

– Web app sponsors.

– Employee Web app (WWO)


1. Admin’s Website

  • Management of reporting statistics
  • Create and manage users (Teachers, Students, WWO, Sponsors)
  • Create and manage quiz templates
  • Create and manage student activity sessions
  • Create and manage training courses for teachers
  • Create new and manage schools
  • Manage update request

2. Students’s Web App

To log into the application, you need a program code provided by WWO.

  • Take a test
  • See the results
  • Edit personal information
  • Feedback and share experiences

3. Teacher’s Web App 

To log into the application, the teacher needs a program number provided by WWO.

  • Create new quiz for students
  • Marking students – send results to students
  • Do the teacher’s training
  • See the results
  • Edit personal information
  • See list of teachers

4. Sponsor’s Web App 

  • Management of reporting statistics
  • Manage the list of schools you sponsor
  • Managing trainees
  • Interact with students, teachers and WWO staff
  • WWO

5. Employee Web App (WWO)

  • Management of reporting statistics
  • User Management (Teachers, Students)
  • School management
  • Create and manage tests
  • Create and manage sessions
  • Create and manage training courses


We use the best technologies and frameworks – the smartest when it comes to project execution:

  1. Back-end : Laravel
  2. Front-end : ReactJS
  3. Database : MySQL
  4. Server : NGNIX

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