Guide customers to use Website CHOTHUEXETHANHPHAT.VN

Hello friends.

We, software company Papagroup would like to thank you for your trust and cooperation with us, so that we can bring the best products for you.

Today, I would like to guide you to manage and present articles of the website after my company hands over the product to you. This helps you to be proactive in creating a new article and posting it on your website.

To be able to post or edit the content of one or more articles, you first need to log into the website’s administration system, called Dashboard, by adding the website’s link to the browser: / wp- admin.

For example:

The screen will display a login form, where you enter your username and password.

After successful login, you will be redirected to the website admin page.

Here, if you are the one responsible for creating or editing the content of the post, you only need to pay attention to the 3 positions circled and numbered in red.

Post: This is the place to manage the articles of the website. You can view the layout, the presentation of the article, and you can also delete or add another article.
Page: A place to manage pages containing articles on the same topic, a place to post general content.
This is the place to manage your account information, and where you sign out of your account after you’re done.

Create new posts

When building your website, I have built the presentation layout, created the shared template, if when you need to create a new article in a shared layout you just need to use these templates. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. In the Post menu, choose Post -> All Posts (To view all articles).
  2. Select Add new post to add the post.
  3. Category is where you add a category for the articles of the same category to use
  4. The tag is a place that contains the tags of all articles so that it is the keyword when searching.

Add new posts

You should first switch to this mode for ease of use!

  1. The title of the article

  2. The content of the article

  3. If you want to create a new article in a certain category, you need to know what that category is, go to the category you want to add to the article.

  4. Add keywords to find the article when searching

  5. The image represents the article.

  6. Click if you want to preview the post as you wish!

  7. Click to post the article.

Edit article content

This work is similar to adding an article.

In the list of articles, you can navigate to the article you want to edit. Select edit.
NOTE: Remember that you need to log into the admin system, otherwise you won’t find it until Tet.

Edit posts

  1. First you can change the article title.

  2. Next you can change the URL of the article.

  3. If you want to change categories, tags, images of this article, you can edit it like how to add new posts.

  4. If you want to change the content of the article, you also click on the pencil icon, then delete the old content and replace it with new content.

  5. After finishing editing the content, if you want to preview how your article changes, click on “Preview”.

  6. If all looks great, You click the update button to get it shipped.

Add new and edit Pages

  1. Enter a page title
  2. The content of the page
  3. The image represents the page.
  4. Click if you want to preview the post as you wish!
  5. Click to post the page.

NOTE: Regarding the page editing part is completely similar to the article editing part!

Edit customer comments

In the menu bar, choose Testimonials! The above interface will display. -> Select the comments you want and click “Edit”

1. Edit the title of the comment

2. Content comments

You remember to click in 2.1 to choose text correction.

  • 2.2 here is the place to edit the content of comments (Note: You can change the content from “Lorem ipsum dolor …. to sed diam voluptua. At offline! The purpose is to not lose the Style when designing) original).
  • 2.3 is where you enter the name of the customer who makes a comment (Change the content inside the tag 1).

3. Choose a representative photo of the customer giving an opinion

4. Finished the steps, please press “Update” offline!