BHS E-Learning

BHS E-Learning


LMS is an online learning and education management system produced by Papagroup according to the order of Hoa Sao Group. The system allows to organize, manage, monitor, report, and assign teaching activities to serve the learning of students towards the overall management of the activities of a training program. The value of the LMS system lies in the ability to create an online training environment and apply diverse online applications, tools to serve the teaching and learning of an organization (including schools, companies, etc.).

In addition to the main functions of an online Elearning system, LMS is an upgraded model. The management is carried out according to a top-down hierarchical model, divided into many levels, starting from “Unit” to “Project”, “Course” and “Class”.

Outstanding features

01. E-learning – Online class.

02. Dashboard – Management page.

03. Structure of building training process including unit-project-course-class.

04. Questions, exams, surveys,  lectures management program.

05. Interactive lectures, forums, exam questions.

06. Edumall system linked with LMS.


All employee activities are easily tracked and managed.                                                                         

Meet the demand of “Study anywhere, anytime you like”.                                                     

Personnel training helps to save costs and training time. 


Narrow your geography with a learning management system.    


Quick update – Flexible adjustment.                                                                                                 

Increase interaction between students. 

Project challenges

Satisfy the decentralized management model with the scale of the corporation.                                                                                                 

Develop a multi-functional, multi-manager system.


The performance of the system must be able to accommodate access to a large number of users.


Solutions for the project

The system must store data with cache to speed up the processing.                                                      

Business processing must be logical.                                                                                                                            

Decentralization management must be strict and logical.

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